So, autumns here and winters just around the corner. The warm weather’s rapidly disappearing and leaves are clogging up your gutters and driveway. There’s nothing better than snuggling up in your home with your loved ones around you as you watch the changing season from the warmth and coziness of your own house.

But as the colder, wetter weather bears down on your nice cosy home, the question is, have you made sure your house is ready for the new season?

It would be nice if all you needed to do to prepare your home for autumn was light a few pumpkin spiced candles and carve yourself a jack o lantern, but the reality is there are far more things you will need to do and check before you can be certain your home is ready for cooler nights and eventually freezing temperatures.

From a deep clean of your oven to draft proofing your doors, these autumn home tips will help when the nights get shorter and the weather becomes more severe.

1. Mow the Lawn

1. Mow the Land - 5 Useful Tips to Preparing Your Home for Autumn

It’s tempting as the weather cools to forget about your garden and whilst it’s true your lawn will barely grow during colder weather, it’s also true that any unruliness now will stay that way until spring.

On top of this, the colder weather will make sprucing up your lawn far harder later on in the season. Giving your grass one last cut before the weather truly turns will keep your lawn looking trim throughout the autumn months.

2. Repair Cracks in Your Driveway

The cracks on your drive may seem insignificant but as the weather cools and water seeps into the cracks and then freezes, it expands and as it does those tiny cracks you spotted during summer can soon become big cracks, and your once pristine concrete paving will begin to crumble.

Get yourself some concrete crack sealer and fill up those cracks so you can rest assured your driveway is safe from potholes for the winter months.

3. Clean Your Oven

3. Clean Your Oven

Nothing is more tedious or annoying to clean in your home than the oven, but as the temperatures fall, cooking at home is likely to become a more attractive option than heading out in the cold to your local diner.

There are many household products you can buy that will make this an easier process, but always make sure you allow any removable oven parts to soak before cleaning and use a good quality cloth to give the inside of your oven a really good scrub.

4. Clean Your Gutters (or Replace Them)

4. Clean Your Gutters

Gutters are easily forgotten when you think of household maintenance and any issues can often go overlooked. If they do get clogged, however, the gallons of water they transport away from your property during wet weather can end up flooding into your house and damaging both brickwork and your much-prized house interior. Gove them a good clean at the beginning of autumn and if necessary, have them replaced.

Also, as an additional tip, take a close look at the roof whilst you’re up there and look for damaged or cracked tiles as they too may begin to leak water into your home.

5. Check Your House for Drafts

Heat loss through windows and doors is responsible for 25% of all energy use in the average home. Making sure that all windows and doors are air tight and not letting in cold drafts is the simplest way to keep your home warmer and lower energy bills. Weather strip any loose-fitting doors and windows and have any drafty double glazing checked and fixed before the weather becomes too cold.

And finally…

Don’t be tempted to put off household maintenance as the weather changes and autumn rolls in. Follow these handy autumn home tips and make sure your home is ready for the coming seasons.

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