Decorating a new home is a great way to keep moving costs down and put your own personal stamp on your property. It can, however, be difficult to achieve professional looking results when you do the work yourself.

Have you ever wondered how decorators make painting a house look easy? Or how they get that perfect finish? It’s not as easy as you might think as many new home owners find out the hard way. But there are things you can do that will make the task easier and help make your home look stunning.

So, with this in mind, here are a few tips to help you achieve the perfect finish when decorating your new home.

1. Prepare Walls Before Painting

Prepare Walls Before Painting

The cardinal sin of all amateur decorators is to paint directly onto walls with no preparation. If you don’t prepare walls before painting then don’t be shocked when previous imperfections and problems re-materialize.

Make sure you fill holes and sand surfaces to get rid of rough or uneven areas. Even newly plastered areas should be lightly sanded before applying any paint to them.

2. Mask Everything You Can Before Painting

Mask Everything You Can Before Painting

Another common mistake is to think that you have hands as steady as rocks that can paint around anything. You don’t and nothing looks worse on a newly decorated wall than paint-covered plug sockets or wall switches. Get some dedicated paint masking tape and make sure that everything that shouldn’t be painted is protected.

3. Seal New Plaster

If you have just moved into a new house the odds are that at least some of your walls will be freshly or recently plastered. It is really important that you coat any new plaster with a watered-down emulsion paint or dedicated sealant prior to applying a finishing coat of paint.

This undercoat will soak into the plaster rather than just sitting on top, and form a bond that subsequent paint will adhere to, thus preventing any problems with peeling paint in the future.

4. Buy Good Quality Tools

Buy Good Quality Tools

As with any endeavour having the right tools is important when decorating a new home. If you buy cheap brushes, rollers or wallpaper then don’t be surprised if the final result is less than satisfactory.

Decent quality brushes will create a smoother paint finish and stop the annoying task of having to pick brush hairs from wet paint, something you will have to do if you use cheaper budget branded brushes.

Also remember that a quality brush will always give a better finish than any roller even if it does take a lot more time to paint with.

If you do decide to use a roller then clean the sides of the roller regularly to prevent paint build up and avoid those annoying tramline marks that can begin to appear as you paint.

5. Work from Ceiling to Floor

When decorating your own house, it’s always best to paint ceilings first and then work your way down. This way you can deal with any splashes on the wall as you move downwards. If you go the other way then your newly painted walls will get splashed with ceiling paint as you move upwards.

6. Prepare Woodwork Before Painting

As with walls, any woodwork to be painted needs to be prepared too if you want to get a good smooth, clean finish. Time spent filling and sanding is time well-spent and will ensure that paint is not only easier to apply but also looks fantastic when completed.

So, there you have it. Decorating a new home is far from easy but if you follow the tips above you will not only find the task easier but the end result will be much more satisfactory.

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