In this age of advanced technology, our smartphones and tablets have become essential components of our lives that we have become addicted to them. As a result of this, there arises a need to keep our phones and gadgets often charged, but that usually leaves us with cables and wires clustered hence leaving our homes disorderly.

In a bid to solve this problem we have developed smart solutions known as DIY charging station. Check out some DIY charging station options below.

1. DIY Family Charging Station

DIY Family Charging Station

In the comfort of your home, you can create a charging station large enough to hold all of your devices. Just carve it out of wood, modify like a box with several compartments and keep in an elevated and organized position. Also, pierce holes into the bottom of the box to enable you to pass the charging cables and then place next to an outlet.

2. DIY Antique Box Charging Station

DIY Antique Box Charging Station

Under 20 minutes, old toolboxes can be reconstructed to satisfy a modern need. The Antique box

Charging station ordinarily can be placed in the living room or shop. Transform your old toolbox into a beautiful and functional charging station but ensure that you drill holes for ventilation.

3. DIY Shoes Box Charging Station

DIY Shoes Box Charging Station

Old shoeboxes can be recycled to produce great phone charging stations at no cost; Remove some parts of a shoebox, fix charging cables into it and decorate to your taste.

4. DIY Bedside Charging Station

DIY Bedside Charging Station

Do you want a beautiful model of charging stations positioned adjacent to your bed? Then grab a wooden box with a drawer, spray the parts, once all the pieces are dry, fill the charging station with all the essentials and drill a tiny hole at the back of the box and plug your cables to the wall.

5. DIY Kitchen Charging Station

DIY Kitchen Charging Station

If you wish to have a charging station in your kitchen, here are some excellent ideas: You can disguise or use an actual breadbox with a few minor alterations to the design, make holes for the cords and organise the interior space, so you do not make a mess.

6. DIY Picture Frame Charging Station

DIY Picture Frame Charging Station

Grab a picture frame and some cardboard, and all you require is a bit of cutting, fixing and glueing with some DIY chalk paint and a hot glue gun to stick the cardboard to the frame.

7. DIY Magazine Rack Charging Station

DIY Magazine Rack Charging Station

iPad and tablets usually do not fit into charging stations designed for phones; it is, therefore, best to develop a separate one for them. You can repurpose a simple magazine rack, drill holes for each section and customise in the fashion you want.

8. DIY Book Charging Station

DIY Book Charging Station

Do you also know that you can conceal your device inside the cover of a book? When you carve out some of the pages of a book, create a hole for your device and a slit for the charging cables. You can either close or open the book, but it would be advisable to leave it exposed because of safety purposes.

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