A display case presents the inner-self of the creator. With a look at the display case, you can know the person inside out as to the kind of message the person wants to display to the public. A person goes through a lot of emotions while creating something unique.

When that person mixes all those feelings into art; it results in a DIY display case. So this blog will display different types of DIY display cases, and with that, you can realize the creator wants to convey to the public.

1. DIY Hotwheels Display Case

DIY Hotwheels Display Case

Want an organized display of the collection of your kid’s cars? Simply buys some nails, hammer and some chopped wood pieces.

Put the pieces of wood in the shape you want to make and then insert nails in the corner as well as in the center and fix those wood pieces to a wall to make them look presentable. This can help you to organize your kid’s car collection within a few minutes.

2. DIY Baseball Display Case

DIY Baseball Display Case

For a DIY baseball display case, you need some hooks, nails, a hammer, a stand and a piece of wood. Now what you need to do is insert the bat holder hooks on the piece of wood, and some hooks to hang caps and with the help of nails insert a stand on the wood as well.

Now as your things are all in place, color the whole piece to make it look more presentable and than mount the piece of wood on the wall where you want to place it.

3. DIY Medal Display

DIY Medal Display

For medial display, all you need is a piece of wood, some hooks to hang stuff, a drill machine and a hammer. Now insert the hooks on the wood with the help of a hammer.

And then color the wood piece according to your taste. With the help of drill machine you can mount the wood piece on the wall where you want to show other people your achievements in life.

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4. DIY Star Wars Display Case

DIY Star Wars Display Case

For this kind of display, you will need to cut pieces of wood according to the size you want. Combine those piece by inserting the wood according to the shape you want and then with hammer fixing those pieces of wood together. after this color the wood pieces and fix the frame on the wall.

5. DIY Lego Display Case

DIY Lego Display Case

For this, you will need glue, wood, hammer, nail, drill machine, and a cutter as well. cut the pieces of wood according to the size you want. Make two wood pieces on the side and attach other pieces as in horizontal to the two wood piece.

Fix those pieces with glue and drilling some nails into them. When your frame is done, fix it to the wall.

6. DIY Acrylic Display Case

DIY Acrylic Display Case

For this, you will need two pieces of shaped glass, wood, mirrors, nails, glass jars, and some nuts. Cut a wood piece in a small shape like that of a rack, color it, put the glass jars on it. Fix them with glue and put some plant leaves into them.

Now you will need a specific cutter to make holes in the glass, for that you should consult someone with experience. After making the holes of the size of nuts. Place both mirrors and in their center place the wood decoration piece. Now put the nuts in the holes in mirrors and join them.

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7. DIY Cardboard Display Case

DIY Cardboard Display Case

Take some different shaped pieces of wood, combine them in a specified shape. Fix them with the help of glue and then wrapping a piece of cloth around the boxes to make them fix more. Now with that piece of cloth, fix the whole frame to a wall by making a knot of the cloth on the wall with a nail.

8. DIY Golf Ball Display Case

DIY Golf Ball Display Case

Take wooden shaped thumbnails, fix them on a piece of wood. Now you need to fix golf balls between the thumbnails with a glue. Let them dry, and after a few hours fix the whole piece of wood wherever you want to.

9. DIY Sunglasses Display Case

DIY Sunglasses Display Case

Take a piece of wood, put different types of the sheet on the wood in the shape of making stripes on it. Fix the sheet on the back by thumbnails. Now put a frame as a boundary to the piece of wood. Voila, it is all done, now you can hand your glasses on those striped sheets and can pick whichever you feel like wearing today.

10. DIY Souvenir Display Case

DIY Souvenir Display Case

Take wood, cut it into small pieces according to the size of frame you want to build. Cut those pieces, combine them to make different size of square box or rectangles. Join all those pieces with a fixed glue or with nails. Now put a piece of wood in the back of the frame. Attach the frame on the wall where you like.

11. DIY Jersey Display Case

DIY Jersey Display Case

Take a piece of wood, probably a few inches bigger than your jersey size. Fix your jersey on the wood. Now make a wood frame by combining four sides of think wood. Attach that frame to the piece of wood.

Now, in the end, take a glass of the size of the wood frame and fix it on the wood piece. And your jersey display case is made, within a few minutes.

12. Twisted DIY Book Display Case

Twisted DIY Book Display Case

Take a wood piece, cut it according to the shapes and size you want. Fix those piece of wood according to your design. To fix them use drill machine to insert nails in them. Now when the frame is done fix it in the corner of your room. Put your books or some decoration stuff, whatever you like.

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