The garden should be one of your favorite hangout places. Besides the plants that beautify your environment, you need to fence your garden. Professionals have great ideas on how to enhance the appearance of your home but this comes at a price.

If you have the creativity and skills to keep the fences firm you can make something beautiful. Don’t worry even if you don’t have the technical experience, there are simple ways to combine the poles and fence to enhance the appearance of your garden.

A garden fence defines the look of your home. Wood is obviously a fundamental in garden design; everyone has access to wood and fence but the design ideas matter more.

1. DIY Wood Frame Wire Garden Fence

DIY Wood Frame Wire Garden Fence

If your house has wood finishing, this is the best idea to implement in your garden. It will match with your wooden fence. It is all about accuracy in wood and wire measurements. Wire mesh protects your plant from rodents and chicken; the wood stabilizes the fence. The wood part is also about appearance. All you need is a harmer and few dollars to get the right wooden poles. It is a quick process, you can fix it in few hours over the weekend.

2. DIY Pallet Garden Fence

DIY Pallet Garden Fence

If you have a small part of your home as a garden, you don’t need a professional to help you fence it. it is the best type of garden to fence and beautify your home. Most gardens are fenced with long poles and middle length, for this type of garden; you should make a low-level fence.

Irrespective of your preference, the garden fence idea will suffice your need. The garden fence idea is best if you don’t have kids or pets free in the compound. However, it is the best fence idea to enhance design of your home.

3. DIY Decorative Garden Fence

DIY Decorative Garden Fence

Your garden fence doesn’t have to be boring. You can decorate the fence with multiple plastic and bags that carry flowers. On this, you have to be creative with colors. It is all dependent on your preferences. Find out the specific colors you need for your fence and give it the best shot. Of course, garden is full of green plants; go for other bright colors to make it more beautiful. The colors should match with your wood fence and green leaves.

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4. Another DIY Pallet Garden Fence

Another DIY Pallet Garden Fence

If your plants are still young and you don’t intend to keep long plants, consider this DIY technique. It is the best for shrubs in the backyard or along your fence. Garden is for enhancing the natural theme in your home environment. For this fence design, you have to keep the woods compact.

If you like the low orientation fence, this will be the next best thing. Go for the best wood; should be soft and easy to drill because of the compact design. It is easy to make this fence.

5. Pallet Wood Gate Door

If you love design and a touch of class, this is a great option. This is one fence that makes you proud to show your visitors around the compound. The wood design is compact but with an open top. The compact design at the bottom is for protecting the plans in the garden from pests or kids. It is also part of the design; you don’t have to cover the whole garden gate, you should leave space to keep the excitement.

6. DIY Blue Garden Fence

DIY Blue Garden Fence

If you are tired of the wood theme, you can add color on your fence. Blue is a relaxed and homely theme that won’t compromise on your style or home decoration. Blue is calm; there are no reflections during summer. The fence is classy; you can easily change the nature of your home with this colored fence. It is durable and easy to make. You will have a hard time convincing your friends it is a DIY fence.

7. DIY Rustic Garden Fence Design

Enough of the modern designs, here is a garden fence with traditional theme. Don’t worry where to find the crooked poles; they can easily be sourced from different parts of the country as long as you research. They are also cheap. The patterns are not as technical as they seem on the photo. You can easily combine the patterns to make one big fence that match your specifications. The crooked styles make it unique and vintage.

8. DIY Eco Garden Fence

DIY Eco Garden Fence

The royal garden fence design is easy to make. It is a trendy fence that can be painted different colors to match your interests. White is the most popular color and you can do it by your own. The varying patterns on the top make it suitable for any home.

This garden enhances the front part of your home. Make sure the pattern is constant and the paint is quality to avoid cracks and fades that compromise eon the style.

9. Cool DIY Garden Fence Idea

Cool DIY Garden Fence Ideas

Making your fence compact is not good enough. Add a drawing or any form of art work on the fence to make it unique. The tree is easy to draw. Believe it or not, this is a DIY technique. You can make your backyard more appealing than you imagine with this one drawing.

The patterns can vary based on your creativity but maintain the compact and design idea of a garden fence. The poles should be well shaped; pointed top part is part f the design, do not ignore.

10. DIY Screened Door Garden Fence

DIY Screened Door Garden Fence

Style is important in garden fence choice. Find an open area on your backyard that you can make a path to the garden and place a gate. A wooden gate is the most popular for garden but you should add glass on it to make it more appealing. The transparent and covered garden fence idea allows you to add any accessories including flowers. Screened door also protects either side of the fence from the elements.

11. Sanctuary of Sort Garden Fence Design

Sanctuary of Sort Garden Fence Design

If your garden idea involves vegetables and short-term fruits, you need this kind of fence. It looks imported as it and installed but it can be made locally. While professional guidance is crucial, you can do it by yourself. it is a combination technique when you have the whole picture in mind. The bottom part of the fence is covered by wire mesh to keep away pests and rodents from your vegetables. The wood pieces have to be accurately placed before screwing the nails.

12. DIY Log Style Garden Fence

DIY Log Style Garden Fence

You can be simple and still achieve the style you desire in your garden. The purpose here is to make the garden fence unique and simple as well as attractive. The garden fence must have a gate with simple hinges; if you can add rubber on the hinges for simple swinging when you go in and out. Logs make durable and beautiful fences. Logs ever disappoint with durability as long as you get the right quality. Fixing the fence is simple.

13. Inside and Outside Garden Fence

Inside and Outside Garden Fence

Garden fence can be in double form. The inside and outside can have different patterns but all made of wood. Space the wood pieces in symmetric balance. The fence should be straight; irrespective of how long your garden is, you strive to make the fence straight to achieve the design.

14. Quildted Contender Garden Fence Design

Quildted Contender Garden Fence Design

This is the best garden fence is you are after style and class. The wooden patterns can be constructed right in your home. I know you are doubting this but it is possible. It won’t be easy to convince your colleagues you did this on your own but it is still practical. You can run wire mesh 3 or 4 times depending on length of the fence.

15. DIY Old Trick Garden Fence

DIY Old Trick Garden Fence

If you love the traditional themes, logs should be your focus in building a garden fence, set the patterns in order to allow space for movement. You can cover the pace between poles with wire mesh. The gate design is also unique; it has the royal theme.

16. Pretty Pallet Garden Fence Design

Pretty Pallet Garden Fence Design

Double wooden patterns make this fence design unique and popular. The brick color also give color to your home. Space the woods evenly for impressive outcomes.

17. Garden Fence with Simple Stone Base

Garden Fence with Simple Stone Base

You can use concrete but only to a certain level. Wire mesh dominate his fence design with wooden poles at equal distances like a roof.

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