Everyone knows that hats and caps save us from the scorching summer sun but once the hot weather has ended they become redundant and end cluttering your house as few people have any real place to store them.

That is unless you have a something dedicated to hold them on like a hat rack. But buying a rack from a local furniture storecan be expensive and the product you purchase may be poorly made and not very stylish.

There is a way around this though and that is to build one yourself using material you may already have lying around your house.

But where do you start? Well to give you some inspiration, here are a few suggestions for hat racks you can make at home:

1. DIY Copper Hat Rack

DIY Copper Hat Rack

The DIY Copper Hat Rack is one of the cheapest and easiest to make. Many people have left over copper plumbing stored in their attic, garage or shed and even if you don’t the amount of copper pipe required is generally very cheap and readily available at your local DIY store.

If you’re handy with a blow touch you can solder lengths of pipe together, or if not connectors and other clips are easy to source and cheap enough to create a stylish hat rack that would look good on any wall.

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2. DIY Ruler Hat Rack

DIY Ruler Hat Rack

Are you an old school mathematician, teacher or just have an old wooden ruler lying around your house? Well if you do then why not convert it to a stylish, Victorian style hat rack. This is another relatively easy option.

Try adding some aged-brass hooks and encasing the ruler in weathered wood to create a stunning look with very few tools.

3. DIY Reclaimed Wood Hat Rack

DIY Reclaimed Wood Hat Rack

If you don’t have an old wooden ruler stashed away but still want that olde worlde feel from your hat rack, then head out to your local reclamation yard and get yourself some lengths of weathered wood. A few screws, some hooks and a saw are all you need to create a stunning piece of furniture.

4. DIY Neon Nursery Hat Rack

DIY Neon Nursery Hat Rack

If you have children then you may have some of those colorful animal nylon zoo animal toys lying around your house. A plank of wood, a saw (to cut the animals in half), and some screws are all that’s required to create a wonderful addition to hang in any nursery.

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5. DIY Pegboard Hat Rack

DIY Pegboard Hat Rack Idea

Another easy and cheap option. Most DIY shops sell peg boards and will even cut them to length for you. Grab one to fit your wall, stick some pegs in it and you have a simple and easy hat rack. Splash some paint on it to add more style and a little bit of color.

6. DIY Vintage Trophy Hat Rack

DIY Vintage Trophy Hat Rack

Were you a bit of a sports star in your youth? Do you have a cabinet full of soccer, athletics or tennis trophies gathering dust? Then why not chop them from their base, stick them on a plank of wood and hang them on your wall to create an interesting and easy to make hat rack.

7. DIY Yardstick Hat Rack

DIY Yardstick Hat Rack

This may be one for the teachers out there but if you have (or can get hold of) a handful of wooden yardsticks then what better way to create an interesting rack to put your hats on. Glue the yardsticks on their long edges and, when dry, stick some hooks on and away you go.

8. DIY Standing Hat Rack Idea

DIY Standing Hat Rack Idea

Perhaps the easiest and simplest hat rack you can make. All you need to make this simple but effective piece of furniture is a trio of dowelling, tubes, canes, or other thin lengths of wood. Tie them together near the top and spread the feet to hold the weight and away you go.

9. DIY Colorful Hat Rack

DIY Colorful Hat Rack

If you’re looking for something more colorful, then why not get hold of some metal cord and wrap it in colored yarn. If you’re handy with a soldering iron then you can fix the metal together to make whatever style you want. If not, then try using the yarn itself to hold it together.

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