Creative people never depend on markets to buy their stuff they make their own. Yea you got it right. They are craftsman actually and they don’t settle down unless they make something amazing and extraordinary for themselves.

Do it yourself projects are easy to make and keeps your budget good. You can even make these things with scrap. So, relax and set back because we are bringing some do it yourself projects for you this summer so you can give your room or house a completely new look in a budget friendly environment.

These things fit in every home decor and are easiest things to make. You can spend your spare time in it to get some useful things from them and give your room a nice change. Some DIY projects are:

1. DIY Plant Stand

DIY Plant Stand

Do it yourself plant stand is something unique that you don’t usually see around yourself because people don’t need this that much for themselves. But yea you can use spare material from your home to make such products.

You can make a nice and small plant stand by using any piece of wood and suppose if you don’t have wood at home then some plastic will work fine with this. Because you need a little piece of any step for the base and you can attach any cup shaped thing for its 4 legs and you’ll be done with it.

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2. DIY Entertainment Center

DIY Entertainment Center

Ever think how can you convert your fireplace into an entertainment center? No, let us help you with it. Why don’t you take two tables and put them around your file place to set a sound system and your LED over it to enjoy your movies or TV series in the comfort of cozy sofas at fire place. Isn’t it a good idea?

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3. DIY Computer Desk

DIY Computer Desk

You can make your superb computer desk using your book cupboards and cutting them into halves so that it looks as your computer table is also has book shelves and you van keep the book s in your table or in its racks and save hell a lot of space to make your room look spacious.

So, converting your computer table into book shelf too is a great idea and this is the thing which is going to impress your other mates or cousins to a great deal.

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4. DIY Speaker Stands

DIY Speaker Stands

Ever faced any issue in your sound system or did you ever feel that your speakers are too low? Yeah? We have an idea to make them look and feel good for. You can make a speaker stand for yourself using any of these tree materials. You can make Iron stand, or you can go with wooden or plastic stand too.

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5. DIY Jewelry Holder

DIY Jewelry Holder

This does it yourself jewelry holder will solve all your issue as you don’t need to put them now in small boxes in your cupboard or you don’t have to go to your dressing table and open your jewelry boxes for just storing things when you come out of any dinner late at night. Who has enough time for this?

Obviously, no one so presenting you with a unique idea to keep your necklaces and earrings safe in no time. This stand is made up of door handles nailed on a piece of cloth of your own choice or the print of your own accord which copes up with your room decor.

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6. DIY Hat Rack

DIY Hat Rack

This hat rack is made up by hanging a pipe from the wall you can use hooks for it or it can be hanged using ropes as shown above. You can then hang cords from it having clips among them and you can simply clip your hat there with anyone of them.

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7. DIY Picture Frame

DIY Picture Frame

You can have your picture frame and you can make them easily using foam sheets or using a different color of soft chart paper. And by making different shapes of flowers you can make yourself a great picture frame. This color full frame will increase the decor of your room and house and is easiest thing to make probably because you only need an hour or two for this.

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8. DIY Display Case

DIY Display Case

Do you have a hobby of collecting different things but don’t know how to get proper display case for them?

Here is an idea for you. You can use a piece of wood and take some big thumb pins or colorful nails and push them in at different places to make different small spaces between them and once you are done with them you can put your things between them and it will give them a nice display you always wanted to give them.

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9. DIY Garden Fence

DIY Garden Fence

You can make your garden fence by using old plastic bottles than you planned to throw away. Please don’t and use them in making your fence even more beautiful you just need to cut those bottles into half and fill them will mud from your garden.  You have a lot of them around. Right? And plant your favorite things in them and color those bottles into pretty pots.

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10. DIY Candle Holders

DIY Candle Holders

You can make cute and little candle holders by just using pieces of paper or soft chart and by cutting them in the diameter of the candle. In a way that all the chart covers the circumference of the candle and draw some cute things on them, so you are good to go with it.

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11. DIY Vanity Mirror

DIY Vanity Mirror

Did you ever break a mirror at home into small pieces? If you have a little piece that can be used, then please don’t throw it away just shape it into something beautiful to make its edges soft and hold it with a stand and congratulations you just saved some dollars.

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12. DIY Charging Station

DIY Charging Station

Do you have any wooden drawer or something like this at home which is not used or are you tired that how to keep your phones when multiple phones are on charge? Here is a way to solve your issue.

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