If you are still keeping all your necklaces in a box and getting them tangled up, you need to take time and learn some creative holders. Holders will help you reduce the time you need to sample them as you select one and disentangle them.

Luckily, you do not have to go shopping just because you need it. Instead, put together something out of your imagination.

Do-it-yourself necklace holders can be personalized to reflect your imagination so don’t waiver from utilizing your creativity. For example, you can begin using what is closest to you like a spice rack. Here are some of the best examples to consider:

1. DIY Coat Hanger Jewelry Holder

DIY Coat Hanger Jewelry

Using one of your common hangers, you can easily find a naturally attractive solution for your necklaces. All you need to do is drill in some smallholders, which can be up to 10 to make use of the space available.

2. DIY Jenga Necklace Rack

DIY Jenga Necklace Rack

The jenga stacks should not be disposed of because kids grew up and lost interest in the game. On the wall, they can turn into amazingly attractive solutions to holding bangles, bracelets, and necklaces.

3. DIY Jewelry Tree

DIY Jewelry Tree

A dried branch can be all you need to make your jewelry holder. This alternative offers a vintage design in your house. You can scrape off the loose parts from a normal multi-branched cutting and apply some varnish for the shine. You also need a solid heavy holder to keep it in place and avoid the weight of the necklaces pulling down on the sides.

4. DIY Drawer Pull Jewelry Holder

DIY Drawer Pull Jewelry Holder

This is an easy way to turn a functional part of your closet into a great jewelry holder. Use more handles on the drawer and staff or hang the necklaces on each of them. Now you have a drawer with different functions and none collides with the other. The result is an elegant design, which appear sophisticated too.

5. DIY Kids Jewelry Organizer

DIY Kids Jewelry Organizer

Your kid’s room has many wall hangings, picture frames and paintings on the wall. Use some thumb tacks to attach specific spots for the necklaces. They appear as part of the decoration with their multi-colored option.

6. DIY Cheese Grater Earring Display

DIY Cheese Grater Earring Display

Old kitchen stuff can also serve as a great idea. The holes on the cheese grater can allow you to attach your earrings. You only need to hook them in and let it stand strategically. There are numerous holes on graters so you will not be running out of space anytime soon.

7. DIY Wood Block Jewelry Holder

DIY Wood Block Jewelry Holder

A woodblock strategically placed on the wall with enough hooks to take all your necklaces is another creative option. It looks simple but also elegant, and most convenient because the hooks keep the necklaces far apart as well. Simply nail the wood to the wall and drill in your hooks to complete.

8. DIY Radiator Grate Jewelry Holder

DIY Radiator Grate Jewelry Holder

The radiator grate can be an elegant way to hold your jewelry if you had not thought about it already. This amazing solution has worked well to those who dared.

9. DIY Pegboard Jewelry Holder

DIY Pegboard Jewelry Holder

A pegboard comes with countless spaces for hooks to hang jewelry. The best part is that your necklaces and earrings will make it more colorful with the blend of metals and bright colors as well.

10. DIY Cutlery Tray Jewelry Holder

DIY Cutlery Tray Jewelry Holder

If you have enough for your kitchen, you can move some cutlery holders to your dressing area. A cutlery tray fixed on the wall with hooks attached means you have an attractive and convenient space for your necklaces and other jewelry.

11. DIY Antler Jewelry Holder

DIY Antler Jewelry Holder

If you collect antlers and love them on your wall, you have a great place to place all your necklaces. The outcome will be great because the final look will be enviable. Here is a perfect example of just how majestic the end result would appear.

12. DIY Accordion Jewelry Holder

DIY Accordion Jewelry Holder

If you want to make use of old useless musical equipment in your house then the accordion jewelry would be a great option. All you need to do is stretch in on the wall, stick hooks on each intersection and have an impressive solution to jewelry holding.

13. DIY Shadowbox Jewelry Holder

DIY Shadowbox Jewelry Holder

A shadow box is perhaps on the simplest ways to turn your wall into an impressive jewelry holder. Choose a box with enough space for necklaces and stick it conveniently to the wall. Place hooks randomly onto the surface and you have a wonderfully cheap and creative jewelry holder to brag of.

14. DIY Dreamcatcher Earring Holder

DIY Dreamcatcher Earring Holder

Your dream-catcher will no longer be boring if you attach it to the wall and hook up your colorful favorite earrings onto it. Luckily, the mesh can allow as many as possible so there is no need to worry about the space.

15. DIY Ombre Necklace Holder

DIY Ombre Necklace Holder

Just like the plan wood, you can turn a simple surface into a beautiful piece of convenient structure. As long as there are hooks, you can keep the necklaces in place without tangling and improve the décor of your room at the same time.


Making jewelry holders doesn’t have to take you a lot of time and effort as long as you are imaginative about it. Making use of any available material to turn it into a useful holder depends on what is laying around so check out our suggestions.

For example, have several of the spice racks and do not seem to use one often, it is time to consider turning it into a necklace holder. This transformation would be easy and direct, as all you need are some screws in a hook.

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