When it comes to keeping our kitchens in order we try our level best to keep it at the highest level! However, to have an insanely smart and clean kitchen always, you will need to have be finding arranging your kitchen almost daily because not all of us are blessed to have spacy kitchens where we can store all our stuffs. Save yourself the hassle with the following insanely smart kitchen storage ideas from the experts.

1. Kitchen Storage with Label

Kitchen Storage with Label

Sometimes it is very difficult to trace where you stored some items especially if your kitchen is limited in space. What better way to ensure that everything stays in place than labeling where you will be storing different things in the kitchen. Label where to store salt, sugar, vegetables fruits etc. It will make your work easier when it comes to finding things in the kitchen.

2. Wood Pallet Kitchen Storage

Wood Pallet Kitchen Storage

Simple yet elegant idea to store your kitchen utensils. Have some pallets made using wood at the walls of your kitchen and be storing spoons, knives, and forks among other utensils that can be stored in the small pallets. As you store your utensils, make sure they are dry to prevent them wood from rotting fast.

3. Single Metal Bar Kitchen Storage

Single Metal Bar Kitchen Storage

For the items that cannot be stored comfortably in your kitchen cabinet because they take up so much space, you can use this creative space to store them. The metal bars stores the lids so perfectly and they will look kind of classy. Instead of forcing the lids to fit in the kitchen cabinet, try out this idea.

4. Copper Pipe Mug Hanger

Copper Pipe Mug Hanger

Kitchen so full that you have no idea where to store some of your utensils? Have no worries, you can add some copper pipes around the kitchen and use hangers to hang cups and utensils that can be hanged like jugs and kettles. The storage space that is left can be used to store the other utensils like the plates and the others. It is a simple idea yet very effective, your kitchen will look more organized and classy.

5. Custom Cabinet for Vegetables

Custom Cabinet for Vegetables

Customized cabinets for the vegetables is a brilliant idea. The vegetables will be properly stored which will prevent them from going bad fast and you got to admit that it looks kind of classy. Each “cabinet” should be used to store specific fruit or vegetable. For example you should not store avocados and potatoes in the same cabinet.

6. Above Window

Above Window

Since there are some kitchen stuffs that we don’t use so frequently, you can store some of those above the window. Have a stand made above that window or if it is already there, good for you. It will save up space in your kitchen and you will not need to arrange your kitchen daily.

7. Tea Bag Holder

Tea Bag Holder

Teabags can be stressful to store especially when you have already started using one. The best way to store them is getting a tea bag holder and you have never found storing tea bag easier like you are going to find it. Store each pack on its own and it will be very easy for you to take whichever you want when you want!

8. BBQ Sticks Knives Holder

BBQ Sticks Knives Holder

Knives can pose danger in the kitchen if they are not nicely stored. You can avoid dangerous scenarios by storing the knives nicely inside the chopsticks stored a cute container. It is safe, cute and classy. It is a kitchen storage idea you must try out.

9. Floating Tin Can Kitchen Storage

Floating Tin Can Kitchen Storage

This is another brilliant idea for those who have a very limited space in the kitchen. Repurpose those tins that you were about to throw away and put some kitchen utensils like the spoons, grater and forks among other utensils inside the tins. Since the kitchen is already limited in space, float the tins using a hanger and you are good to go.

10. Write It Down!

Write It Down!

Sometimes it can be a hard task when it comes to the measurement of things in the kitchen. You can make it easier by writing down the measurements and their equivalents. Hang the utensils you use for measurements alongside their capacity and make the work easier.

11. Glass Pallet Kitchen Storage

Glass Pallet Kitchen Storage

Similar to the idea of wood pallet on the wall but this time round you are not going to be using wood. Glass is more classy and the good thing them is that you don’t need to worry about them going bad because a glass will never rot. Just be careful not to break the glass as you store your utensils. The pallets are perfect for utensils like spoons, forks and other utensils that can fit in perfectly like the knives.

12. A Frame for The Utensils

A Frame for The Utensils

This brilliant idea is cute and classy and it is going to make your kitchen look more organized. Have a storage made as a picture frame and use it to store some of your utensils like the cups and bowls.

13. Customized Cabinet

Customized Cabinet

If you can get a customized cabinet arranging your kitchen might become even easier! Utilize the small space to store almost all of your kitchen stuff. Make use of plastic and wooden crates to store other items in order to maximize the space. Be sure to name some containers on what they contain in order to avoid confusion when you are cooking especially when you are in a hurry.

14. Special Place for The Fruits


You can have a special storage for the fruits mounted on the walls of your kitchen. It is easy to do that and you can actually do it yourself.

15. Old School is Cool

Old School is Cool

Utilize some large baskets that have large carrying capacity to store some of your kitchen stuffs. The good thing about them is that they can store a lot of stuffs and they won’t take up much of the space in the kitchen.

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