So, you have a killer sound system at home but no way of showing off your speakers. Rather than dropping a small fortune on stands to hold them, why not get crafty and make your own. Listed below are some great DIY speaker stand ideas that are easy to make and incredibly affordable.

1. Two-Column Speaker Stand

Two-Column Speaker Stand

This set of DIY speaker stands is one that you can create without needing to be an experienced woodworker. The base and the platform for the speakers are nothing more than a square piece of wood with some beveled edges, while the supports are made from 2 X 4’s. A little splash of black paint and you have a great looking set of speaker stands.

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2. Small Speaker Stand with Wire Legs

Small Speaker Stand with Wire Legs

If you live in a smaller space or have smaller sized speakers, you will want stands that fit said space. The stand shown above is another one that is quite basic, and which requires very little in the way of construction.

The thing metal legs look particularly cool, while the platform is nothing more than a piece of wood with a block that serves as support for the angled stands.

3. DIY Speaker Stand for Retro Lovers

DIY Speaker Stand for  
Retro Lovers

Vinyl is making a comeback in a big way, leading many audiophiles to go for a more retro look with their sound systems. If you plan on going that route, then you probably want speaker stands that fit that overall look. The stand shown above is simple in design, but effective in maintaining that killer retro look.

4. Modern Style Speaker Stand

Modern Style Speaker Stand

While the previous DIY speaker stands would have appealed to those who love old-school styles, the stand shown above is more suited to a space with a modern aesthetic. As you can see, creating an effective speaker stand is about matching the look of the stand with that of your speaker. This pairing works particularly well.

5. Cinder Block DIY Speaker Stands

Cinder Block DIY Speaker Stands

If you are not particularly handy or don’t have the money to get the materials for these DIY speakers stand ideas, then there is a simple yet effective solution. Cinder blocks are cheap and easy to get a hold of, as well as being incredibly sturdy. This look is perfect for bands who employ amps and speakers in their jam sessions.

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6. Natural Wood Speaker Stands

Natural Wood Speaker Stands

These DIY speaker stands are similar to the ones that we had earlier in this piece. The big difference here is that instead of applying a nice-looking finish, these stands are just the bare wood. You can still get creative with this look by using different types of wood to suit your unique space.

7. Unconventional DIY Speaker Stands

Unconventional DIY Speaker Stands

If you are looking to make a serious statement with your speaker stands, then you need to go with a design that is truly unconventional. It’s hard to argue that the speaker stands shown above don’t fit that label. These stands would certainly be a talking point, as well as a great fit for larger speakers.

8. Bar Stool Style Speaker Stands

Bar Stool Style Speaker Stands

When you use wood to create DIY speaker stands, it can be tough to incorporate color that looks natural. The speaker stands shown above solve that idea by using legs that certainly embrace color. Again, these stands are probably best suited for a space where modern décor is on display.

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