Creating your own DIY vanity mirror is a much better idea when compared to using already created solutions. It all comes down to you to make the right pick, but the primary benefit is that you can always try to find a good, creative way to use distinct, unique solutions that work very well for you in the end. Studying all the options can be a very good idea, so making sure that you handle all of this adequately can work to your advantage.

1. DIY Minimalist Vanity Mirror

DIY Minimalist Vanity Mirror

The minimalist DIY makeup mirror is amazing because it offers you a very distinct set of ideas. Not only is it easy to create, but the stand is also very simple. As a result, you can take it with you anywhere you want, and you can have lots of unique and fun ideas with it. This works great if you want value and quality, but it also does a very good job since it’s a modern approach and one that tends to work very well most of the time. But yes, the minimalist model is worth it and you will like it quite a lot at the end of the day!

– Looks very nice
– Simplistic frame
– Minimalist piece
– Great for makeup
– It can be very hard to keep in place
– Very fragile
– Expensive

2. DIY Vanity Mirror with Light Bulbs

DIY Vanity Mirror with Light Bulbs

If you’re sick of the old school models, the DIY makeup mirror with lightbulbs is among the very best things out there. Not only is it a pleasure to use such a mirror, but it also looks nice as well. Plus, you can install it anywhere you want, and if you are near an electricity source, you can even add some power units to plug stuff in. Yes, this DIY vanity mirror is versatile as it is distinct, so you should check it out!

– Easy to install
– You can place it anywhere
– Looks great
– Easy to make
– It can be way too bright
– You need a durable table
– Not that reliable

3. DIY Vanity Mirror with Lighted Frame

DIY Vanity Mirror with Lighted Frame

If you want to go a bit overboard, you can use the lighted frame DIY makeup mirror idea. This will add light behind the mirror. As a result, your entire mirror will look a lot more impressive, and the visuals will be extremely interesting most of the time.

It certainly delivers on this premise, and it will bring in front that unique visual appeal that you always needed and wanted. Plus, you can add this mirror in a variety of locations. Just make sure that you pick the right lighting if you want you can opt for multicolors.

– Interesting visuals
– Great to use
– High-quality results
– Outstanding
– Hard to install
– Very demanding
– Fragile

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4. DIY Bathroom Vanity Mirror

DIY Bathroom Vanity Mirror

This one may be a smaller unit, but it’s great if you want to use it solely for makeup. It looks very well, and its focus is on bringing you value and quality in a single package. The wooden frame makes it look vintage, and you can add some lighting sources above to make it look more impressive. It’s a very good idea to check this out, and it will indeed provide you with tons of value.

– Great for makeup
– Solid wood frame
– Large Impressive
– Not that durable
– Small Hard to install

5. DIY Cement Vanity Mirror

DIY Cement Vanity Mirror

Adding in a bit of cement at the bottom of your mirror and using that as a stand is not that challenging. You will have to find a cement piece that’s large enough and sturdy to fit your mirror.

But results can indeed shine a lot, and that’s what matters the most in the end. Plus, you can feel free to move this anywhere in your home, and you can get some really pleasant, unique and exciting results for sure. You should check this out right now.

– Inexpensive solution
– Looks great
– Can be moved anywhere
– Reliable
– It can damage the mirror
– You have to handle it with care
– Won’t work with any mirror

6. Easy Floating DIY Vanity Mirror

Easy Floating DIY Vanity Mirror

Floating makeup mirrors may not be the smallest nor the most impressive ones out here, but they work great if you want to share your bathroom with your loved one. As you can see from this image, everything is symmetrical, and that tends to bring in a lot more fun. Plus, using this system also helps you get to work fast and with very interesting results to say the least.

– Suitable for two persons
– Great symmetry
– Visually impressive
– Easy to install
– Not that durable
– Covers just a very small portion of your body
– A bit expensive to create

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7. DIY Scroll Work Vanity Mirror

DIY Scroll Work Vanity Mirror

As you can imagine, this type of mirror does require a lot of work and many times it can be incredibly challenging to use. But it can be worth using it, although the frame is not the most powerful thing out there.

But it is worth your time and the fact that you can adapt it to the situation does tend to work to your own advantage. If you like the idea of using a scroll work makeup mirror, then this is a very good option.

It’s distinct, unique and you can opt for a variety of colors when it comes to the frame. Just remember, there aren’t a lot of customization options, but changing the color can still be very interesting.

– Lots of colors to choose from
– Customizable
– You can use different mirror types
– Reliable and fairly easy to use
– Not that durable
– Easy to break
– Hard installation

8. DIY Hollywood Style Vanity Mirror

DIY Hollywood Style Vanity Mirror

You can still have a DIY vanity mirror that looks similar to one from Hollywood. This model shows that something like that is possible and it can be a very distinct, unique piece for you to enjoy. It’s by far one of the best options for sure, and it does tend to offer you a wide range of options.

It’s a nice thing to have, albeit a very large model. As a result, it can work great for the larger homes, not the small ones. But it’s still a pretty good option if you want value and quality as a whole. You should consider giving it a shot if you can, as it’s well worth it.

– A very large mirror
– Added lighting
– Impressive and useful
– You can see the entire body
– Fragile, easy to break
– Pretty expensive
– You can’t put it anywhere you want

9. Random Objects DIY Vanity Mirror

Using some random objects added on the mirror frame doesn’t sound great at first. But this model is pretty much a work of art, to be honest. It looks outstanding, and it’s certainly one of the best investments that you can make if you like to create your own DIY vanity mirror. It looks great, it delivers an astonishing value, and you don’t need anything else, in the end, that’s for sure. So yes, you can keep the white coloring, or you can opt for a more complex one if you want!

– It has an amazing design
– Requires less care and attention
– Gives a sense of spaciousness
– Low-cost than purchasing new
– Hard to maintain
– Coloring can be problematic
– Really fragile

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10. DIY Dresser Makeup Mirror

DIY Dresser Makeup Mirror

Adding such a dresser makeup is not hard. It can work very well, and most of the time it will be amazing for you. Granted, it does take a bit to decorate the entire area. And yes, most of the time such a DIY vanity mirror can be very large, which does come with its own set of problems. But it will be worth it in the end, and you should keep that in mind right away. One thing is certain; this looks amazing if you want a good dresser mirror.

– Simple and easy to do
– Requires less care and attention
– Gives a lot of space
– Visually impressive
– The stuff around it diminishes its visual appeal
– Can be a bit hard to install
– Hard to maintain

11. Mosaic Tile DIY Bathroom Vanity Mirror

Mosaic Tile DIY Bathroom Vanity Mirror

Some mosaic tiles added to the DIY makeup mirror can do wonders. The idea is to glue them properly, otherwise you can end up with a bad set of results. It can work very well here, and the best part is that you never have to worry about too many challenges as a whole. It’s a very distinct, powerful and visually impressive model that you should check out. You are free to use whatever color scheme you want, and it will be worth it for sure, just keep that in mind to get the best experience in the end!

– The visuals are very nice
– You can use multiple colors
– It will help you offer some really impressive visuals
– Lots of colors to choose from
– It can be a bit too much at times
– Requires a lot of care and attention
– You need to be careful how you glue the mosaics

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12. DIY Sunburst Vanity Mirror

DIY Sunburst Vanity Mirror

This is a very nice DIY vanity mirror, and it does offer a very interesting appeal to the entire home. It looks great, and it delivers that unique visual appeal that you just can’t find anywhere else. This is by far one of the better options that you can find out there, and it brings in front a unique and rewarding set of benefits, to begin with. Plus, the visuals are very nice here too, and as a whole, you will just get to have a very nice and fun experience.

– Easy to make
– Offers spaciousness Small height, creativity
– Great conversation piece
– The mirror is small
– Seems a bit too much for some people
– Installation is a chore

13. DIY Nautical Rope Vanity Mirror

DIY Nautical Rope Vanity Mirror

Maybe you may not think about this, but a nautical rope can make a very good mirror frame. With the right set of ideas, this can indeed pay off a lot, and you may want to check this out for sure. It really can deliver a very nice and fun experience if you are a fan of DIY makeup mirror models, and it’s certainly one of the better options that you can find out there. It’s a delightful thing to have and one that can indeed pay off immensely, in the end, that’s what matters the most.

– Old school look
– Interesting visuals
– Easy to hang around
– Durable
– Not that pleasant for some people
– You have to be careful with it
– Pretty hard to make

14. DIY Tri Fold Vanity Mirror

DIY Tri Fold Vanity Mirror

If you want to stand out, you can use the DIY vanity mirror as a tri-fold piece. As the image shows, this is a very distinct and fun experience to have and one that does tend to pay off immensely in the end. It delivers a great result and it will obviously remember you of the Hollywood starlets, and that can be quite amazing in its right. You should consider this if you have a vintage setup, as it works perfectly with that kind of idea. Just try it out, as it is something you have never seen out there.

– High standard visuals
– Foldable Portable
– Reliable
– Strange shape
– Fragile Not that safe to carry around

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15. DIY Illuminated Vanity Mirror

DIY Illuminated Vanity Mirror

We already covered an illuminated mirror, but that DIY vanity mirror had LEDs. This one has light bulbs in the back, and it leads to a much more interesting and exciting set of ideas. It’s a nice thing to have, and in the end, it can be quite impressive and immersive.

Just check it out, as it can help you quite a lot. And yes, the visuals here are great, and you can use this during the night without disturbing anyone. It’s a nice thing to have within your home and certainly one of the coolest decorations that you can try out right away.

– Amazing visuals
– Doesn’t require a lot of space
– Great attention to detail
– Fast installation
– The shape is very strange
– The lighting system can be a bit disturbing
– Very fragile

16. Cheap Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights

Cheap Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights

Thanks to this cheap setup, you can easily get a very good DIY vanity mirror, and you can easily add some lights to it as well. You see, costs aren’t everything here, it all comes down to the way you approach all of this. Overall, the experience is a great one, and the fact that you can get such a setup at home is amazing in its own right.

It can provide you with a resounding success, and that on its own will be second to none for sure. Just consider trying this out, and yes, you will not be disappointed!

– It looks great at home
– You can add lighting if you want
– Easy to use
– Complements your space
– Can require a lot of space
– It needs plenty of maintenance
– Not that easy to purchase new

17. DIY LED Makeup Mirror

DIY LED Makeup Mirror

Lastly, this is a very interesting makeup mirror that looks great and which offers you that shine you always wanted. It’s an amazing piece to have, and it uses the DIY vanity mirror ideas, all while adding in some light for good measures. It is a nice one from a visual standpoint, and it will surely impress everyone that comes your way. And the best part is that you can feel free to make the exterior as minimalist as possible. It’s a nice thing to have, and you can check it out as you see fit, as it’s nice!

– Beautiful and easy to use
– Integrated lighting Large
– Low-cost than purchasing new
– The visuals can be a bit too much
– You need to have something minimalist nearby
– It requires a lot of space

One thing is certain, creating a good DIY makeup mirror setup is not going to be hard. It’s a very good idea to check out these amazing tips and models, as you may find the right one for you. Check them out, and you will not be disappointed!

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