Computers are quickly becoming a compulsory requirement and more so a vital home tool. It is due to this reason that having a proper computer desk is also becoming increasingly essential.

Purchasing a computer desk, on the other hand, is very expensive since most are made out of quality wood, they also have storage units and also due to the fact they are ergonomic and adjustable.

It is due to this factors that it is highly recommended to make own computer desk at home since it is easy to make a quality desk with a very low budget. The following is the process of how to build a home DIY computer desk at home.

1. Gathering Materials, Tools and Hardware

Gathering Materials, Tools and Hardware

Making a home computer desk requires a lot of hardware and tools too. The tools required include a drill, circular saw, Impact driver, Random orbit sander, professional cabinet saw, pocket hole system, biscuit joiner and a jigsaw.

Hardwares required include Purebond plywood which is of different sizes, wood screw of different sizes, bottom mount drawer slides of different sizes, pocket screws, continuous hinges of different sizes, Gas springs, Power reset button, High speed USB charger receptacle, a fan system, cable pass through brush plates and triple monitor mount.

2. Design

Coming up with a design is not as easy as it may seem. Designing for a computer desk starts with the computer one has, the materials available and more so what one really wants. It is after coming up with the design that one should break down the materials particularly the sheets.

3. Assembling The Cabinet

After breaking down the materials, one should make holes into the pieces using the jigsaw. One should then use the pocket holes to assemble the sheets by the use of the screws plus the glue. When making the holes it is good to ensure that they face outside or back of the structure since it is only this way they can be hidden when the desk is complete.

The inner section should be assembled next. The inner side walls should then be installed since it is where the tray for the keyboard will be mounted. One should then cut the excess plywood from the midsection of the PC desk. This is done after mounting all the side pieces.

Holes are then made on the side as well as the bottom of the midsection to allow the cable to pass through. One should then make a long divider at the midsection which is where the computer components should be mounted.

4. Building The Drawers

After completing the cabinets and the midsection, the drawers should be next to where they are made of the plywood at the bottom. The keyboard tray should be next on the line. The keyboard tray is usually made the same way the drawers are made where glue, brad nails and screws are used. To give the top of the desk a nice look chamfering the top and the bottom edges by use of a router is crucial.

5. Installing Drawers

After building the drawers, one should make sure that they are installed properly. This is done by use of the bottom mount drawer slides. The drawer fronts are then installed and clamped in a place where they are attached using the screws which are usually done from inside the drawer.

One should then add spacer blocks to the cabinets bottom. This can be done using glue, screws and also brad nailing them in place.

6. Connecting The Midsection and The Cabinet

Connecting the midsection and the cabinet is done by use of biscuits which can be replaced by dowels in case the biscuits are unavailable. The holes drilled earlier should then be filled with a wood filler which should then be sanded to allow soft surfaces.

It is after this that the building work is done and what is left is the look. The desk should then be painted by use of the colour the owner likes.

7. Installing The Computer Desk Hardware as well as The Electronics

Installing The Computer Desk Hardware as well as The Electronics

The desk was made to hold the computer. It is, therefore, the final task one should handle. The first hardware to install is the door to the access panel which is made for the subwoofer compartment which is done using the barrel bolts and the piano hinges. The fan should then be installed using the impact drivers. The power hubs and power buttons should be next on the list.

Next is the cable pass, the drawer slides and finally, the gas struts which helps in lifting the top ensures it is held up during work.


[Extra] DIY Computer Desk Ideas

Here are some examples of computers that you can make as inspiration. You can explore more in another post

DIY Home Studio Computer Desk

DIY Home Studio Computer Desk

If you are passionate about music, then you can transform your DIY computer desk into a studio. Finding a way to add all the musical equipment near your desk will be the real challenge.

But with just a minor investment, you will be able to adapt everything to suit your needs. Just make sure that you have a bit of space near the monitors, as that’s where you want to add the speakers. Additional space will be required for your guitar, microphone and other equipment.

Homemade Mini Computer Desk

Homemade Mini Computer Desk

You don’t have to opt for the largest desks if you don’t need them. Sometimes, the smaller desks are the right option for you. A simpler wooden desk where you can add a laptop is all you need.

And the homemade computer desk that you can see below is a clear indication that less is more for a lot of people. That’s why you may want to try out this type of desk, it may work very well for you. Plus, this is the desk you need in an apartment or place where there’s not a lot of space!

DIY Scandinaian Computer Desk

DIY Scandinaian Computer Desk

Scandinavian desks are amazing, and they are bound to impress everyone with their amazing visuals. While they may not provide the best possible comfort, you will find them the perfect place where you can work and put your thoughts on paper.

Plus, investing in this type of computer desk can be very well worth it, so you should check it out if you want a powerful, durable type of desk. And as we said, this one is also one of the most aesthetically pleasing models out there.

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