The Kitchen has become an important part of every house. No longer is it just the remit of the household cook and solely for creating meals for the family. Now a days the kitchen has become an all-round gathering and meeting place where families can congregate to talk, hang out, as well as craft delicious meals. Due to this new-found importance, the amount of money and time we commit to making these rooms beautiful and comfortable places has grown exponentially.  

But before you do go out and drop what can be a rather large amount of money on redeveloping your kitchen area, there are a few things you should take into consideration:

1. Think About the Amount of Surface Area You Have

Amount of Kitchen Surface Area You Have

Before redesigning your kitchen, you will want to make sure you have enough space to house all the cabinets and appliances you want while still leave enough space for food preparation and dining. If you are short of square footage then a kitchen island is a great way to add additional space for chopping and preparing food, or even some casual seating to eat and chill out at.

2. Think Grease

If you cook a lot of oily or greasy food then you may need to factor this account into your design process. Darker shades of granite and marble on your kitchen top will prevent staining and allow for easier cleaning. Use plain, glossy tiles on your walls, rather than textured or matt ones as these tend to get sticky and greased up fast.

3. Think Ventilation

Kitchen Ventilation

All modern kitchens need to have an extractor system of some kind to remove smoke, grease, and smells, so don’t forget to include an exhaust fan or chimney somewhere in your design.

4. Think Layout

In any modern kitchen it’s important to have appliances, cupboards and drawers in an efficient arrangement so the things you need at any given time are at your fingertips.

For example, have a space for your dishes close to the sink or dish washer, and keep a space for pots and pans next to the oven. Think about what you will need every day and design the space to make things as ergonomic for you as they can be.

5. Think About Electrics

It’s easy when designing any room to forget about some of the simpler things that need to be included in the design. One thing often overlooked is the need for electrical outlets to plug your devices into.

It is doubly important in the kitchen to ensure that you have sufficient outlets to accommodate your growing needs as more and more gadgets and appliances are added to the room. Have them fitted near areas you anticipate will be used for preparing food or where you plan to have the most appliances. Don’t skimp or you’ll regret it later.

6. Think Cabinets

Well-designed kitchen cabinets can not only make storing pots, pans and cutlery a synch but they can also be a time saver where cooking is concerned. Think about adding space saving features inside them, like pull out drawers, hanging spaces on the doors, etc, especially if you have limited space.

Design your kitchen so cabinets are placed intelligently. Have a cabinet under your sink for cleaning products. Have wall cabinets and cutlery drawers near your dishwasher to make it easy to put dishes away.

And Finally…

If you’re going to spend the money redesigning your kitchen, you need to make sure it’s planned not only to look good but to make the space easier to use. When designing focus more on function and a little less on flash and you’ll end up with a space that will bring you joy for many years to come.

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