Finding the right living room color ideas is always a bit tricky. But with a bit of hard work and commitment you will be able to fully identify the best colors and use them in a great manner.

The possibilities are limitless here, and it all comes down to figuring out what color really matches your ideas. With that in mind, we listed some of the best living room color ideas below. This way you will find it a lot easier to access the stuff you want whenever you need it the most.


Green Living Room Color Idea

Green suits a variety of living rooms and it’s easy to add in there. That being said, you can also add some plants in order to make that green really impressive and unique. You just have to come up with some creative and cool ideas and then you go from there.

But plants and green on the walls will work great. You can go with some gray and other tones in order to complement the green, you just can’t keep it fully green.

Blue and Red

Blue and Red Living Room Color Idea

Is blue and red one of the better living room color ideas? Yes, because you will have a unique way to customize your home and really make it look unique. Every minor detail matters when it comes to a good living room.

And these two colors balance off each other in ways you would not imagine. If you want to make your living room more appealing, these colors are definitely great for what you need.

Yellow and Gray

Yellow and Gray Living Room Color Idea

Yellow is great for this because it allows you to make everything pop and be unique. On the other hand, gray brings you down to earth and it removes some of the shine from yellow. These are great colors that really make your living room unique and fun.

You don’t have to make it super complex, every little detail matters. You just have to go from there and actively consider every detail, all while adding in some gray when necessary.

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Brown is suitable for the old school and more traditional living rooms. You want to have multiple nuances for brown, as that’s what will make it pop and stand out.

Ideally you want to come up with some light brown for the furniture and couch if you can, as that’s exactly one of those things you will like the most. It’s definitely the type of thing that will shine and people will explore new and creative options with these great colors.


Pink - Living Room Color Ideas
Joni Spear Interior Design

While pink might not seem one of the best living room color ideas, the reality is that it works. But you also need to have some white and other colors that will help eliminate too much brightness. Yet it does work great if you at least test it out and give it a try for yourself.

The cool thing about this color is that you do get to have some great moments and experiences with it. And you do end up having fun quite a bit here, which is what matters the most. But if you go with these colors, you have to stick with them.


Purple - Living Room Color Ideas

As this image clearly shows, the purple living room color ideas need some sort of balance. White walls will come in handy when it comes to this kind of stuff. And speaking of that, you also want to bring in some blue too. Blue really makes the purple pop and stand out, so if you want a complementary color, that may very well be the right one for you.


Black Living Room Color Idea

The living room color ideas can also include black. But having everything black in a room where you want to unwind won’t bring in relaxation. The image here says it right, you want to have a combination of white, gray and black, maybe even some light brown in there.

This will lighten up the mood and make things a bit better and easier for you. The idea is to come up with some creative and unique options, as that’s what really matters the most!

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Black and Red

Black and Red Living Room Color

Black and red bring in a sense of romance, and they also tend to complement each other very well. The great thing is that your entire living room will look cool. The idea however is that once you use such living room color ideas, you really have to stick to the color palette.

And obviously that will require getting only red, white and black stuff. Which is not what everyone will want. But if you love these colors anyway, this can be a great option.

Pink and White

Pink and White - Living Room Color Ideas

White and pink are bringing you a mellow and fun way to express yourself. Pink is already a very distinctive color, so combining it with white will make it really unique and immersive. And the best part is that you always get to explore and create new stuff in a meaningful way. What you will definitely enjoy regarding this is that it offers a sense of cleanliness and exquisite appeal.


Orange Living Room Color

Orange is one of those living room color ideas that not a lot of people use. It’s definitely more suitable for people that live in warmer regions. You can even use this if you live in a large city, but the challenge here is creating everything with a bit of creativity and happiness in mind.

Orange is the color of fun and excitement, so try to use that to your advantage. Combining it with multiple colors pays off well here!


Silver - Living Room Color Ideas

Silver tones make your home really cool. The same thing happens with the living room. While using living room color ideas might be quite expensive, the reality is that these nuances and turquoise for example will make for a very good combination.

All these great living room color ideas are going to impress you a lot. But it all comes down to you to find the one you like the most and come up with creative ways to enhance it if you want. Just consider checking these out and adding your own, personal touch!

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