When you are building or designing your dream home for yourself and those who are going to live in it with you, your family and beloved ones, you need to be on the top-notch of your choice as it is going to make a major impact on the overall acceptance of everyone towards your home.

This is an article that will guide you through the best modern kitchen design ideas for your home, which will easily be loved by everyone. The name of the layouts and their description are down below.

1. Black and White

Black and White Modern Kitchen Design

While choosing such a concept, you also might think about the matching with the rest of the house. The sample shown in the picture, is mostly referred to you in such a case when you have a house that has open kitchen space rather than the traditional separated room design. And also when you have a living space just in front of your kitchen space, this is mostly recommended to you.

As the classy concept of black and white is going to be both elegant and stylish along with bright and full of light at the same time. The black cabinets merge just perfectly along with the shining white marble counterspace and all the lightweight furnitures.

2. Black Matte

Black Matte Modern Kitchen Design

For those who want a more spacious of a kitchen and also an open concept, this is the best solution. As featuring at best of the classy and gorgeous concept of featured color which is matte black, this kitchen design will leave anyone amazed with the astonishing matte finished interiors and the wall cabinets.

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3. Compact Open Wooden

Compact Open Wooden Modern Kitchen Design and Layout

The amazing looks of the wooden interior brings up the bright look of the entire kitchen making it a lot less stressed looking than the other traditional and old designs for kitchen. As the entirely wall and roof hanging interiors are helpful for saving a lot of space and also maintaining the major sides for open space, this is an amazing choice for having both the kitchen and an amazing view of the outside.

4. Open Roundhouse

Open Roundhouse Modern Kitchen Design

Holding the light minded featured concept for the roundhouse design for the counter along with a wall mounted cabinet and oven system, this design combines both the traditional separate room kitchen and the modern concept of open kitchen all in one place.

As the overall attire is going to be uplifting and also easy to access to all the parts of the kitchen, while also the counter that can be used from all sides while also making it a perfect little dining table.

5. Compact Elegance

Compact Elegance Modern Kitchen Design

With another design that features the amazing ways to both having an elegant looking kitchen and also saving a lot of space, this concept can give you the benefit of the saving of space while also maintaining enough workspace for those who are or is working in it, while also having a little yet enough room for a small four seated table, which can be the best solution for compact and elegance.

6. Comfortable White

Comfortable White Modern Kitchen Design

Also another cool concept of white, which is definitely going to highlight the overall appearance of the kitchen while making it a lot more attractive for both working in it and for those who are sitting around the place.

Breaking the traditional concept, and turning into an open kitchen with this amazing concept, can also save space and be attractive and fun looking at the same time. Which can also be helpful to make the living room TV experience even more enhanced.

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7. Big Brown

Big Brown Modern Kitchen Layout

Featuring one of the best designs for open kitchen and counter concept of the modern era, this kitchen design will have one of the brightest looks while also avoiding any type of traditional look or the old school heavy look of the kitchen. Which makes it rather less of a “working area”, but more of a fun area.

With the light interior and cabinet+oven setup, the glass counter is going to be definitely the money shot for anyone. Of course while having an enough spacious area for making the kitchen.

8. White Marble

White Marble Modern Kitchen

This design, named as the white marble, reflects the overall style and elegance of your entire house. The heavy yet light and elegant looking marble finished interiors are also going to be the key factor for being astonishingly beautiful which is going to make your modern kitchen layout even more standing apart from the house making it an attractive place. This concept also features the modern layout of an open kitchen.

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9. Black and White Wooden with Marble Finish

Black and White Wooden with Marble Finish

Making it suitable for both marble and wooden interior enthusiasts, this concept features an comparatively longer counter that can be a lot helpful for the person at work. While the shining finish of the marble layout really is going to be standing out from the others.

10. White Marble and Wood Fusion

White Marble and Wood Fusion Modern Kitchen Layout

Making it suitable for comparatively narrow and longer spaces, this design features a dual side compatible usage space along with the beautiful combination of both wood and marble made interiors.

11. Wooden Elegance

Wooden Elegance Modern Kitchen Design

Featuring wooden body and marble overlaying finish of the interiors, this design can really bring up the elegance for the kitchen in your house. This design also maintains the overall need for you having the less consumption of space from your house and alongside of the cool modern feature of an open kitchen.

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12. Full of White

Full of White Small Modern Kitchen Design

While featuring all the modern styled platform of a kitchen, this full of white concept can also be mostly used in a confined space, while also maintaining the fact that it can consume a lot less space than the other heavily space-taking concepts. As you can save a lot of space when you are picking a place for the kitchen, and also have a cute little dining space for you and your family to spend a bright time in.

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