Have you ever gone to put your dishes away only to find your cabinets are full and you don’t have anywhere to put them? With a wide variety of kitchen paraphernalia becoming increasingly trendy, it is easy for space in your kitchen to become scarce and unorganised, resulting in a messy and cluttered space.

To combat this problem, here are some easy tips to help you organize your kitchen cabinet in a way that creates more space:

1. Set Some Space Aside

When it comes to your kitchen cabinets, you want to have at least a little space set aside for things to be easily moved. Don’t cram them full to the brim with everything you can get your hands on. Too many items will make it difficult to close doors and drawers and lead to overflowing cabinets that cannot be opened for fear of everything spilling out.

2. Use Your Wall Space

Use kitchen wall space

Instead of trying to cram everything into the drawers and cupboards of your kitchen, why not take advantage of the wall space by adding shelving or putting hooks up that utensils or pans can hang from.

3. Take Control of The Area Under Your Kitchen Sink

The space under the kitchen sink is a notoriously neglected area. With pipes and other essential plumbing restricting the space, it can feel like nothing will fit under there. Many people also consider the space to be dirty and fit for only a bin or those rarely used cleaning products.

But it can be used for so much more and it’s possible to get shelving or stackable storage that can fit around the pipes and plumbing to offer a place to keep more than just garbage.

4. Sort Out Your Drawers

Sort Out Kitchen Drawers

Don’t just use your kitchen drawers as a dumping ground for anything small enough to fit inside and don’t just throw utensils in willy-nilly. Add dividers or organizers to make things easier to retrieve and keep things from moving around.

5. Use Door Space Constructively

Not many people use kitchen or cabinet doors for storage. However, kitchen doors can be used to hang utensils on and cabinet doors can command hooks or racks where condiments, spices, measuring cups, or even spoons, can be placed.

6. Be Practical with Your Placement

This tip again comes down to not placing things randomly in your kitchen cabinets. When you put things into kitchen spaces, think about what you might need in each area. If a cabinet is above the oven then put pans, spices and other cooking ingredients into them so they are within easy reach.

Keep plastic food containers near the fridge so things can be stored quicker and easier.
By placing your items near areas where they are used the most, you are making your kitchen space more efficient and easier to use.

7. And Finally… Purge Purge Purge


Everybody accumulates things they don’t need as time goes by and it’s easy to hoard things that you think may be useful one day instead of just throwing them out as the junk they most likely are. If you really dig into your cupboards you’ll find things like expired food, ingredients you will never use, appliances that have never been used or are broken, and things you may even have more than one of.

Be ruthless and get rid of anything you’re not using or will never use. You’ll be surprised how much more space you will create.

When it comes to organizing kitchen cabinets, the key is to find a system that works for you. Following these tips are a starting point to reclaiming your space and gaining control of your kitchen cabinets.

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