Apart from their stylishness and eclectic appearance, Scandinavian Kitchens are known for two things – the use of neutral colors (white and gray) as the dominant colors and the use of warm wood colors for the furniture or flooring. These have become staple elements in Scandinavian kitchen designs in recent times and it looks like they are not going anywhere.

Scandinavian Kitchen design ideas also encompass simplicity and functionality which are always clearly highlighted in every Scandinavian kitchen. The same way we can see these characteristics in the kitchen design ideas below. Continue reading to see some impressive Scandinavian kitchen design ideas that you can implement in your home.

1. Small Spacious Scandinavian Kitchen

Small Spacious Scandinavian Kitchen

The simplicity of this Scandinavian kitchen design idea is evident. Nothing is taking up too much space and the design only accommodates the things that matter in a kitchen. With a pure white color and the tiny furniture placed in one corner of the room, nobody has too spend longer than they should in this kitchen.

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2. All White Scandinavian Kitchen

All White Scandinavian Kitchen

This Scandinavian kitchen design is an all-white design sprinkled with a few plants and a bookshelf with a dark brown color to give it a contrast. It is well-lit and it satisfies the typical Scandinavian kitchen design idea that we all are used to.

3. Brown and Wooden Scandinavian Kitchen

Brown and Wooden Scandinavian Kitchen

From the wooden floors, the dark-wooden wall cabinet and the brown tiles on the wall, this scandinavian kitchen design is quite stylish. It is somewhere in between a modern and classic design but it works quite perfectly as a modern kitchen.

4. White Brick Wall Scandinavian Kitchen

White Brick Wall Scandinavian Kitchen

In front of this brick wall is where the magic happens. It is eye-catching, attractive and blends with the color of every other item in the kitchen. It also has a minimalist setup in which not too much is going on but just enough for you to do your cooking and leave the kitchen.

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5. Open Scandinavian Kitchen

Open Scandinavian Kitchen

This Scandinavian kitchen has white as its dominant color. From the cabinet to the walls, to the cooker to the island. The white color gives the kitchen calm vibes and the kitchen opens directly outside too. There is an airy feel to the room and thanks to the minimal furniture in it, there is enough space to get around and get things done.

6. Scandinavian Kitchen with Brown Accent

Scandinavian Kitchen with Brown Accent

This Scandinavian kitchen design has an almost rustic feel to it but it is every bit a modern kitchen. With the brown wooden countertops and brown accents littering the entire space, this is one of the kitchen ideas that you should be considering in 2020.

7. Simple Scandinavian Kitchen Design

Simple Scandinavian Kitchen Design

This Scandinavian kitchen design makes use of all the regular elements that a Scandinavian kitchen should have while retaining a simple design. The wall is mostly white with a sprinkle of brown in the cabinetry coupled with the monochrome flooring.

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